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For every character you can request either a full FC search or a basic FC seach. Full FC search entails: Child - Teenager/Young Adult - Adult (about 30YO) - Mature (40YO and beyond) - Genderbent. I am trying to take into account a roleplayer's needs (I.E.: Magic Anons). 

Basic FC search entails: find a FC for the age/gender requested in the ask.

I will do it even for characters who appeared in a movie.

I can reply to any question you might have regarding roleplay. I'll answer the best I can. I also do promo and "ads" if you look for a specific character.

I included a list of theme makers I recommend to make your roleplay tumblr look pretty here. Some give advice and tutorials to make it look even prettier.

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Anonymous wrote: "Animated Superboy?"

I would pick Matt Dallas

Face Claim help #11: Diana of Themyscira 

The Character

Notable features:

Blue eyes, dark hair, fair skin.

Suggested Face Claims

Kid: Raffey Cassidy

Teenager/young adult: Alexandra Daddario

Or India Eisley

Adult (about 30): Jamie Alexander (even though she has green eyes, her face is flawless)

OR Julia Voth

Mature (40s+): Claire Forlani (yes, she is 40…)

Or the obvious choice: Lynda Carter

Genderbent: Matt Dallas